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BEDIVERE Eatery and Tavern is located in the historic Hamra district of Beirut, Lebanon on Jean d'Arc Street. Since our doors opened, we have always been a meeting place for friends from all over the world. Along with the combination of the authentic medieval spirit and vivacious pub splendor, BEDIVERE is considered a top spot for excellent food, extraordinary drinks and socializing. At any given moment, a broad cross-section of international and regional cultures are rubbing elbows at the bar discussing the recent news, arguing the merits of a sport team or advocating the idea of the century. At BEDIVERE, everyone is welcome and quickly become regulars. Here a doctor, a lawyer, a student, a journalist, a teacher, or a retired banker can feel comfortable accepted for who they are and known by their name or what they drink. Throughout each day, BEDIVERE Eatery and Tavern has an essence like no other place in Lebanon

About Us

BEDIVERE Eatery and Tavern opened in August 2012 and became an instant hit with the people of Lebanon as well as beyond. Located in the historical Hamra district on Jean d'Arc Street, we are an engaging haven where you can quench your thirst with the most unusual cocktails conveniently referred to as "potions" and mouthwatering meals in a medieval inspired ambiance. BEDIVERE was brought to life as a tribute to Sir BEDIVERE who was legendary for being the most handsome and most loyal of all of King Arthur's chosen knights at the Round Table during the medieval times. We have continued to revive the spirit of fellowship and loyalty at the Round Table through our free, reward earning BEDIVERE Loyalty card for everyone to experience. Our establishment has been featured globally on the Ellen Degeneres Show, LBC International, Fox News, E!, CNN, Time, and more than 170 international articles and blogs for our unique and innovative concept of offering a 10% discount if you leave your phone in our custody and socialize during your visit. This concept has been a proven success with everyone relishing in conversation while listening to feel good music and enjoying our savory food and drinks from morning till night. It is no wonder that BEDIVERE will give you the feeling of your home away from home in a warm, medieval environment.



With the one and only Bedivere Eatery and Tavern Loyalty card you can earn a multitude of rewards from a Bedivere dinner voucher, specially designed Bedivere jewelry to vouchers from stores such as ABC, Harley Davidson, Virgin, and Tattoo Bikers. Simply submit the form below, pick up your new card at Bedivere and give it to your server each time you visit for your points to be applied or redeemed. For every 10,000LL you spend at Bedivere you will receive one point. Your current point balance will be printed on your receipt.